Thursday, May 14, 2009

Will the real Jane Fonda please stand up!

Being obsessed with all things pop culture we tend to get a little excited with our little brushes with celebrity. We figure we can do the six degrees of Kevin Bacon with lots of brand name stars.

Today we received an order for five pairs of Barbarella cufflinks from one Jane Fonda, c/o another lady's name in NYC. Turns out Jane is there on business producing and performing in a Broadway show called "33 Variations". Could it be her? We are telling ourselves it is as we admire and respect Ms. Fonda's work tremendously. In fact we have a glitter portrait from "Klute" hung in our living room: Bree Daniels looking alluring but afraid in that blue sequin dress.

So though we would like to think about Jane Fonda owning (or giving) some of our work, there are a couple more celebrity stories we do have. Usually the stories come from our customers who have shops or have met people at events like comicons and such.

Malcom McDowell enjoyed and autographed our Clockwork Orange Belt Buckle for one of his fans.
Weird Al Yankovic owns a T.V. Dinner ring . Jessica Alba wore a Goldfish buckle in the movie "Honey" and is wearing a Diana Ross buckle in the publicity shots for "Honey" as well.

Diane Keaton bought some buckles at a boutique in Winnipeg. While Molly Ringwald was shopping here in Toronto she pointed to the "Pretty in Pink" ring and told the shop owner "That's me." The shop owner then realized it really was her when she paid with her credit card.

Annie Sprinkle,the revolutionary artist, sex educator and "pornstar with a Phd" had us make a collection of brooches with her and her wife Beth in them a couple of springs ago. Annie wears a lotus crystal pendant with much pride.

And I can't forget the Canadian celebs backing us up. Comedian Elvira Kurt has a collection of buckles. And Ron Sexsmith rocks a Johnny Cash buckle as part of his wardrobe. Canadian music darlings Kathleen Edwards and Grant Lawrence both have been spotted wearing BBJ buckles. And Lucas Silveira of "The Cliks" also sports a fancy deluxe skull buckle to his photoshoots.

Last summer we made some product for Elaine Overholt who was a judge on "How to you Solve a Problem like Maria?", a nation-wide search for the actor would would play Maria in Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber's Toronto production of "the Sound of Music". There had been a joke about Richard Gere and the gerbil on air. Elaine thought it would be funny to get all the guys gerbil cufflinks. So Sir Andrew as well as David Mirvish are proud owners of said cufflinks.

Like I said little brushes with celebrity, it's much better from a distance as we have never sent a celebrity anything free. Good chance I've forgotten some people, save it for another time. Including our Oscar Peterson story.

I hope Jane really likes our cufflinks.

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Bill Pocock said...


I had no idear y'all had the celeb angles covered so.

Good on yers. Any chance of a Zardoz crystal projection ring?