Monday, September 14, 2009

love(ly and weird) for sale

We just finished our 2+days studio moving sale, and it was a successful and satisfying venture.

Our efforts were greatly enhanced by Saturday's dream team of Katrocket and Monsieur French, who catered our lunch, merchandised our cast-offs into desirability and transformed passers-by into charmed and happy customers.

Lots of our lovely and weird stuff found new homes with lovely, sometimes weird people. Like the wedding-card "mailbox" my brother made for us: a deep wooden box covered with brown fun fur. Ange tried to throw it out last week, and we had a little snark about it because I wanted to put it out at the sale, even for free. She managed to give it to a crazy cat lady / feisty and resourceful independent older woman for her cats to play in, who happily fastened it to her mobility scooter, along with a 28" tv and an 80's jigsaw puzzle of the Manhattan Skyline. She had once bought a 72" bookshelf home on that scooter, she assured us, and that "the oldest cat is the only one skinny enough to fit in the box, so he'll really love it."

On both Friday and Saturday nights, we had left a set of 4 stage props outside the doors of the studio, with no takers. They were made of carved foam, painted and glittered into dark frowny clouds on one side, goofy sparkly sunshine on the other. On sticks. We made them for a Scandelles performance to back a modern dance piece to "Golden Streams" by the Hidden Cameras (a sweet song about pee), which ended with the 2 dancers joyfully spinning long-tasseled gold pasties. Finally, on Sunday afternoon a nice man took them for a downtown church's sunday school and day camp to "dress up the yard" and perhaps use in the drama program. *Squeal!* I'm pretty sure there's no residual slutty queer cooties on them.

Then there's this little guy, clutching a stuffed pug named Corndog (won at the EX, of course) and resting among the sparkly fabric remnants we found in the loft in the last hour of the sale. He came back inside seeming still a little dreamy and selected a tube of holographic pink glitter and a BBJ ring as well. And then he really perked up when he saw something brightly-coloured in his mom's arms and wanted a better look. It was an adult doodle book - that classic draw-in-the-genitals gag gift - along with a pair of dyke-produced porn videos for some friends (ahem). Lovely. Only a bit weird.

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katrocket said...

I'm so happy that the Sunshine Quadruplets found a home!

I was very concerned about them. How the mighty had fallen: